My photography has become a way express myself. To  try and catpure "that moment". I love the combination of wild nature and  human enjoyment of being out in it. I love showing how we try to work with or against mother nature to achive that moment of bliss. The joy and excitment you feel when you are out, no matter the weather. I try to show the energy and spirit in that very moment.

About me

I grew up in a little town on the west coast of Ireland.I have always loved being creative. I spent years playing with paints,clay ,anything I could get my hands on. I went on to do my degree in Fine Art . Through out the years  I kept coming back to photography. It is always a starting point for me in every project. Being on the edge of the Atlantic the land and sea are in my blood. Growing up watching the storms rolling in from the sea across the land, is dramatic imagery to have in your everyday life. 

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